Travels With Your Tot

October 16, 2017

The second I posted photos of Jaxton and I strolling around New York City, I received numerous questions on how I made the trip there with a wild 1.5 year old. I figured the best way to address these were to include my “Top 5” ideas for traveling with your tot on the blog:

  1. Travel Southwest. Now this isn’t a necessary recommendation, but it was great for us. Thanks to their “family boarding,” when traveling with my mom, we were able to sit Window and Aisle, with one of us holding the bubs. As soon as anyone came to claim that middle seat, you would see them look at us, then look at Jax, and decide that “nope” just about any other middle seat in the plane would be more desirable. (HA!) Rather than being offended I rejoiced in silence as we had a full row to ourselves both trips
  2. Snacks, Snacks, and more Snacks. The item that works best for us are small, easy to grab, not very filling snacks. We love these treats. These are great to occupy his time, picking them up, eating them, and not filling him too full.
  3. iPad or similar tablet use. I actually find myself getting rather upset when I see children at dinner with their families plugged into an iPad and headset, like I truly don’t get this. (I also don’t have a whiny 7-year-old on my hands yet.) That being said, an iPad or similar tablet on a flight may very well be necessary. I was able to download Little Baby Bum from Netflix and let Jaxton listen on my lap. This lasted MAYBE 20 minutes. But the most relaxing 20 minutes of the flight for sure.
  4. Try and plan flights around your schedule. I like to book around nap time. This ensures a bit of quiet time, simply from the wear and tear of the morning. Flying at night would be a nightmare for us, but could be just the ticket for you. Keep this in mind when booking!
  5. Last but not least, make sure to SMILE. Keep in mind, you are traveling with a CHILD. No advice I, or anyone else can offer will guarantee a completely calm and quiet, 3+ hour flight. Therefore, relax. Go with the flow, and remember the destination and the memories about to be made far outweigh the good/ or bad couple of hours in the air.


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