LOVE- Why you’re here in the first place

October 18, 2017

Bringing Jaxton into this world, and raising him up is by far the best thing that Austin and I have ever done, both individually and as a couple. That being said, it’s easy for parenting to take a toll on a marriage. Especially this day in age, with the helicopter parenting so many of us millenials seem to be practicing. It’s easy to make your child your main priority, and to lose focus of what it is that got you to this point in the first place. Love. The love you have for your partner is why you’re here to begin with, so I think it is incredibly important to continue to nurture that relationship as best we can. I have put together my TOP 5 ways to do so, below:


  1. Two words. An annoying phrase we have all heard, over and over again. Date Night- and it DOES work. My husband and I have an array of date night experiences, from fancy dinners and cocktails out on the town, to ordering Mexican food and eating it on the floor of our bedroom while we watch a movie, with the babysitter and Jax downstairs. Whatever works. It’s important to have that time together, away from baby no matter how it is spent.
  2. Continue to do the things you did before Baby. For us that meant cooking meals together. Pre- baby we would cook, play Sam Smith on our Alexa, and drink Pinot Noir. It was our happy place. With work schedules, a baby, and life happening the look of this has changed a bit, but we still make it a priority to cook together at least once a week.
  3. Compliment each other. I’ll be honest; this is one I am continually working on. It’s easy to forget in the day to day what each of you brings to the table. And you DO both bring a lot.   You jumped on this parenthood train together. As a team. So tell him thank you when he helps with bath time, praise him for being the dad that never turns down a dirty diaper change, or a middle of the night bottle. How does it make you feel when you are complimented on being a terrific mother? Elated? Believe it or not, this has the same effect on Dad!
  4. Keeping Perspective. There are going to be days when you feel like becoming a new mom is too hard. There are going to be moments where you cry for no reason, and realize your stress has reached a totally new level than ever before. Remember that you aren’t the only one who had your life completely flipped upside down. Stress of new parenthood can affect both parents, and the most important thing for everyone is to stick together. You are a unit. You are a team. You are parents!
  5. Begin a bedtime routine as early as possible. Personally, we were a little late to this party and I’m already ready to begin sleep training earlier with baby number 2. We have the best nightly routine now, that I honestly look forward to. We do bath time, followed by story time-which consists of reading the same book 32 times, followed by snuggles, and bed. Luckily, we have a son who enjoys his crib and his stuffed wombat, (long story) and can’t wait to curl up at night. This, of course means Netflix and Chill in Mom and Dads room… and after a full day of Jax duty, NOTHING could sound better.
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