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October 18, 2017


If you know me personally, you know that for the last six years, my husband and I have been bouncing around the country for jobs and schooling. This much change can make a person crazy! Through all of this change, which included making new friends, followed by leaving new friends, new jobs, replaced with newer jobs, all the while only having your mom available via skype… Yoga was my one constant. For this, I will always hold a special place in my heart for yoga- preferably hot yoga.

I walked into my first Bikram Yoga studio in Phoenix Arizona, thanks to this cool new thing called Groupon. (Wow, I’m old…) I was immediately intimidated. From the fit yoga instructor, to the way everyone was interacting as if they were life long best buds, to (who am I kidding) the smell. I stuck it out, and made it through my first 90 minute class, after nearly fainting on three separate occasions. Because of said Groupon and my die hard desire to get my pennys worth, I went back the next day, and again a few days later. It was after my third class that I was officially hooked.

I have tried many types of yoga in the years that followed. I still only practice heated yoga. To me, that is what makes yoga feel like an actual cardio workout rather than the mind/ body stretching I feel in non-heated yoga. However, after becoming a wife, a career woman, to a new mother, the meditation/mind side of yoga has helped me navigate through whatever I am currently dealing with, and is equally as important. This you can find in any type of yoga.

I will be working on several posts through the next few months outlining what a Bikram class, Vinyasa Class, Sumits Class, and a Yoga Sculpt class looks like, along with any pros/cons and tips I can offer to anyone who can’t seem to decide if yoga is right for them. I can guarantee, it is!!

Since that fateful day six years ago, I have found more than a simple love for an exercise, I have found a complete passion that I have since turned into a job. I know my love for Yoga will be with me until the end, and if I can help even one person realize the benefits, yes for the body, but more importantly for the mind, I have done my job. I’m so excited to see what this Yoga Teacher journey has in store for me… Tag along!

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