Aloha! What to do in Maui

October 27, 2017


When we first made plans to head to Maui, I had no intention of writing about it. However, I was so incredibly pleased with not only the gorgeous place that is Maui, but our hotel (Hotel Wailea) as well; including the friendly staff, the INCREDIBLE food, and completely relaxing atmosphere. I decided to put together my TOP 5 for visiting Maui. Keep in mind, I was only here for a week, and I am certain I could have stayed busy for much longer, so I’m sure I am missing things. Feel free to comment below with any additions, as I know we will eventually be back!

  1. Because this was a trip for my husband and I alone, ADULTS ONLY is my first recommendation. When traveling without the Bub, I think this is the only way to go. As a mom, life is pretty consistently loud and chaotic. When getting away with your hubby, who doesn’t love peace and quiet? We spent some of our time walking the beach, and having lunches at the big family friendly resorts, (which are also gorgeous,) but for us, and this specific trip, Adults Only- all the way.
  2. “Back road” to Hana. The Road to Hana is an incredibly popular, and beautiful excursion. However, this takes up an entire day of your trip, mostly in a car winding around one-lane roads along the coast. (Which, for a girl who easily gets motion sickness- doesn’t sound like an A+ kind of day.) Our hotel staff recommended we take the “back road.” This was still nearly a six-hour journey with the car travel, 2-3 hour hike, and ALL the photos we obviously had to take, and we still shaved off a few hours. The waterfall and views were gorgeous, and WORTH every second of backseat driving my husband had to put up with. (I think.) **FYI:  Make sure to ask your concierge how to travel to the “back road.” Do not rely on Google as we didn’t find any accurate map descriptions when we searched. And don’t even get me started on Siri, as usual she failed us the entire trip…
  3. Try the local eateries. This is where we failed. We were staying in a heavily populated resort area (Wailea.) The options were mainly resort dinner options, which were fantastic, but also wildly priced. On our last night, we tried out the local bar hopping scene, and came across several local restaurants that appeared excellent in the food department, and even better in the price department. Unfortunately we had already eaten, but we checked out one local craft brew house/wine bar called What Ales You, which housed two of our favorite items (local IPA for the husband, and all of the Pinot Noir options a girl could wish for.) Check out the area (preferably before your last night!) Simply tell your uber driver: “Kihei-at the Triangle.”
  4. Alii Nui Sunset Cruise. Our resort works with this company regularly so we left it up to them to set up. There are many different companies that offer similar services (on any of the islands) but my husband and I both give two thumbs up to Alii Nui. From the service, to the boat, to the views, this was a major highlight of our trip. We received all we could eat Hawaiian food (buffet style,) as well as all we could drink top shelf liquor, wine, and beer, all for $140/ person. For Maui, and for all we received, (as we weren’t timid with the unlimited food and drink) this was a MAJOR STEAL.
  5. Book a car. My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not rent a car when we landed. Our hotel (and most of the resorts in Maui,) offers a free shuttle service around the vicinity of your resort. This would have been entirely sufficient, had we not wanted to leave the Wailea area. However, because we enjoy getting off the beach, out of the hotel and adventuring a bit renting a car is usually a must for us. This was no exception in Maui, as the hiking, yoga, and a couple of our restaurant choices were outside of the Wailea area.

I know I said this was a “Top 5…” However, I feel I am obligated to include:

6.  Grab a cocktail, a good book, and RELAX. If there is one universal thing Maui provides, it’s relaxation!


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