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Yoga Series: Sumits

November 2, 2017

I’ll start off my yoga series by digging into the practice most near and dear to my heart, Sumits Yoga. This is where I can be found practicing multiple times a week.  This is where I was trained and certified in teacher training, and where I now spend my time teaching today. As I mentioned previously, I began my yoga journey with the Bikram series, which I will dig into in more detail at a later date, but Sumits has some very similar qualities, in regards to the discipline required and meditative benefits, while also incorporating some of its own unique flows throughout the series, designed to bump up your heart rate to encompass some cardio throughout.

First off, Sumits is hot. We like to keep the heat around 104 degrees, and humidity around 50%. Do NOT let this scare you off! This takes some getting used to as I mentioned previously, however, I truly believe if you get through three classes within one week your body will be adjusted. Whether that means you are simply lying on your mat through the first couple of classes, or completing all of the flows and poses, I think three classes is all that you need for your body to adjust to the heat and humidity combination.

The Sumits studios aren’t currently available in all states. So far, there are locations in the states listed here:
If there is a Sumits located near you, please go give it a try. If you are looking for the mind/body cleansing found in yoga, with an added bonus of a quick cardio boost, (and really, who isn’t?…) this is right for you.

Things to remember during those first few classes:

1. Water: Bring one to class, and also make sure to drink plenty of water throughout your day before taking class, and also following your class.

2. Mat and Towel. I prefer to have a towel similar to this. Any mat will work, based on your preference.

3. Lie down WHENEVER you feel like. The main goal is to stay in the room. Your instructor won’t mind if that means you are lying on the mat adjusting your body to the temperatures, or flowing through the entire class.

4.  Try not to eat a big meal right before class (at least 2 hours prior.)  It is best to have a small snack if you need something before, this prevents you from feeling weighted down during your class.

4.  Have Fun!!!  You are doing yourself such a tremendous favor by just getting to your first class.  Relax, breathe deeply, and simply soak in all of the mind/body benefits you will soon receive!

Please reach out in comments or shoot me an email if you have ANY questions regarding the Sumits practice, I would be more than happy to help!


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