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The joy of teething: Our guide to getting through it while keeping your sleep, and your wine cabinet (mostly) stocked…

November 12, 2017

Ah, the act of growing teeth. It’s something you never think of until becoming a mother, and then at the same time, something every mother dreads once it all begins. When you think of the chore it really is to grow teeth and the pain that goes along with it, my heart truly goes out to all of our babes. I don’t think us adults could do it! We have been grappling with the nuisance that is teething for roughly the past 12 months. When this all began last year, I thought we had seen the worst of it, and things would only improve. I wasn’t aware that EACH tooth that follows is just a bit more painful, and includes just a few more rotten variables…

I am a stickler for routine when it comes to our child and our daily life. With the exception of our “teething weeks” as we so (NOT) fondly refer to them around our home. We did implement the cry it out method, which I am also a strong believer in (and will write about at a later date.) However, when it comes to these teething weeks I throw all caution to the wind, and snuggle, rock, sing to, and in some cases play with my Bubba at 2am, or whenever necessary. Bottom line, this is painful, and in our experience, results in illness mimicking symptoms such as a fever, stuffy nose, a mild earache, sleep disruptions, and a rash around the mouth (from ALL. THE. DROOL.) Therefore, if a midnight snuggle is requested of me, I’m right there to accept.

According to Google (and my MD husband,) the things to look for when it comes to teething are as follows:

  1. Drooling
  2. Grabbing ears
  3. Rubbing face
  4. Slight loss of appetite
  5. Irritability
  6. A tooth visible on the gums and/or Swollen gums
  7. Attempting to chew and suck on all items at reach

**My MD husband would ALSO like me to point out that some of these symptoms can also be the cause of other illnesses and suggests seeing your Doc if you have any questions or concerns- always trust that Mama Intuition!

I have compiled a quick list of the items that have made our teething experience sail just a bit smoother, while keeping my wine cabinet (mostly) stocked 😉

  1. Nuby Teething Keys: These are my number 1 recommendation for instant relief for car rides, or any time you aren’t fully available to your babe.  You freeze them in your freezer and whenever your child seems to be struggling they simply hold them and suck on the icy cold keys for instant relief.
  2. Children’s Tylenol: I am a STRONG believer in the power of Tylenol.  We use this mostly at night (right before bed) on those especially fussy/ drool filled days.  In most cases it provides relief for a full nights sleep!
  3. Frida Baby Nasal Aspirator:  I included this in my teething post, but this deserves to be discussed more than just with teething struggles.  Any time there is a runny nose, I am always found using this gem.  It sounds scary at first- You put the red suction in your mouth and SUCK out the snot from your babes nose.  Literally.  It is specifically designed to allow NO snot to pass through the tubing, but it is definitely a nerve wracking first use.  Ha!  In comparison to any other nose sucker on the market- this works lightyears above the rest.
  4. Baby Bandana Drool Bibs:  Excellent for play time and lunch time.  Provides relief of food messes as well as teething relief in between bites.
  5. Sophie the Giraffe:  I don’t know what it is about this magical giraffe, but for some reason todays tots LOVE her.  We have gone through several different Sophies in Jax’s short 18 months, due to over use, but she’s worth the multiple purchases, trust me!
  6. Teething Necklace for Mom:  Let’s be honest.  It’s hard to find a stylish teething necklace, how could it not be?  However, I have had a lot of luck with the site  These are excellent resources for a dinner out at a restaurant, Church, or any other occasion when baby is able to be on moms lap!

Lastly, I have spoken with a lot of moms who HIGHLY recommend the Amber Necklace:  I’ll admit, we too, had a lot of luck with this necklace when our teething journey first began. I was fully on board and a true believer of the Amber Baltic teething necklace. It wasn’t until we took the Bubs to his 1 year check we were promptly told to remove the necklace due to a possible strangulation hazard. Again, I know MANY moms who use this, and have had nothing but luck, and safe use. I am sure my doctor was just erring on the side of caution, we just haven’t since used the necklace. Also, with the way things change when it comes to babies and the regulations that come with them, this warning could have been disproved by now, and a thing of the past, I don’t know. So as always, check with your doctor!

These items have in no way made teething a “breeze” for us.  There are still going to be hard days, and sleepless nights thrown in to the mix when you decide to become a parent.  However, these items have helped our life flow more smoothly, manage the pain and keep sleep as routine as possible for us.  In conclusion, the road to a mouth full of pearly whites is a long and rough one for some kiddos, but hang in there, it will get better (or so I’m told!).



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