“Please, RELAX!” A letter from me, to my former pregnant self

February 15, 2018

Dearest mama to be,

I know that these next several months are going to be a wild ride. You are going to have moments of pure joy and excitement, followed by heart pounding fear and anxiety (and let’s not forget- several months of all day nausea.) That being said, please listen to me when I say you’re going to miss it all. Every single bit of it.

That moment in the first trimester when you first find out you’re carrying an itty bitty blessing, the tears of pure happiness you and Austin will cry knowing that you’re going to be parents! (And I’ll be honest, that is about all you’re going to miss from the first trimester.) The newfound burst of energy that the second trimester brings, finding out if you are bringing a little baby boy or girl into the world! And lastly the wonderful third trimester (I know most of you are like “whaaaaa??”) Well you are going to LOVE the third trimester. Feeling those somersaults, kicks, and fist bumps. You are going to ache to feel those little movements for years to come, so please relax, slow down, and enjoy it.

Your moments of pure panic and worry over the next nine months will only increase when your new baby boy enters the world. This isn’t to scare you, this is let you know that no matter HOW much you read, and how much internet “research” you do, it simply won’t help, in fact, it may only increase the worry. When that baby gets here, it will all work itself out trust me. Women have bore children without Google for many, many, many years before you and will for many years after.

When this baby comes, and it will happen before you know it, PLEASE take time for yourself. Our society can make this harder than you would think. Both, social media, and this thing called “mom guilt” will make you feel like you should be sitting on the couch with your babe stuck to your boob all day and all night, and that you should be more than thrilled to do so. And it will be overwhelming for you. Im here to tell you that a happy mom, is the best mom. If that means taking a break to run to the store, or going for a walk, taking a quick nap, or going to a yoga class, DO IT. Don’t forget about that guy in the corner, the one who got you into this mess in the first place. Ya know? DAD! It is going to be hard for you to fully grasp at first just how capable that guy is. Not only SHOULD he be helping in all of these phases, he WANTS to! So relax, go take a nap, go to yoga, and watch those boys of yours bond. It will end up being the most beautiful thing you’ve ever watched.. I promise.

YOU CAN DO THIS, You’re going to be the best MOM!

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