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The new “Date Night”

March 21, 2018

We have all heard the term “date night,” and have been informed of the importance of said night. Let’s be honest though, sometimes with babies at home, work, and other life stressors sometimes date night can feel like just another task to check off your To-Do list.

Before we had our little Bub, my husband and I went on dates all the time. While pregnant, my husband and I would have long conversations about how becoming parents wasn’t going to take over our entire lives, and we were going to make sure we always had our weekly date night out. Fast forward to life with an almost 2 year old, and we haven’t been on a date (with the exception of Valentines Day,) since November. However, we have never once missed our weekly date night.  How, you might wonder? We simply learned to improvise. I have compiled a list of our favorite Stay at Home Date Nights below.

    1. Cook, Wine, and Dine: As I have mentioned in previous posts, my husband and I enjoy cooking. We are devoted Blue Apron fans, and use the meal service weekly. However, when we make this our “date night,” I make sure to get bath and bedtime done before my husband gets home. (My husband works later than normal work hours, and usually gets home around 730pm.) As soon as he walks in the door, date night ensues. We turn the music on (quietly of course,) the wine is poured, and we begin to cook together. Just as we used to every night prior to becoming parents. Its such an easy, relaxing night that I always look forward to!
    2. Paint n’ Sip: I’m sure you have all heard of local business’s that provide painting class with BYOB options. Well, we loved doing those so much pre-baby that we decided to bring the class to our kitchen! We now hold our own private paint n’ sip classes with the help of YouTube straight from our kitchen table! This required purchasing a few items via Amazon or your local art store, including: Paint Brushes, Canvas’s, Mini Easels, Paint, and of course your favorite cocktail!
    3. Experience another culture: This is a new one we just recently tried, and it was SO FUN. We pick a culture, for example, France. We then Google and decide upon a French dish we want to try, and any French wines we want to taste.  We recently found out about this amazing company: Blason Louis that sends you small flacons of their famous French wines so you are able to taste before you buy. We then hold our own wine and meal tasting in our own “Cuisine!”
    4. GAME NIGHT: This is the one we are best at. My husband and I love games, and live for a little friendly competition 😉 We make a target run together every few months for a new game or two to add to our collection. Some of our favorites include, Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, and Yahtzee.
    5. Make a Bucket List. We have worked on our dual bucket list for many years now, 15 years to be exact! (Wow, we are old.) We have so much fun sitting down and both, crossing off and adding new items. This not only provides fun conversation, but also brings about inspiration, accountability, and excitement for your future TOGETHER.

**Some of you may be wondering why watching a movie at home isn’t on this list- but we personally never count a movie night as date night now that we are parents. This is simply because communication is our main goal when arranging a date night. As parents, we can get so completely wrapped up in being parents that our sole conversation and purpose revolves around our children. Date night should be about TALKING. Talking about your day, your partner’s day, or really anything other than your sweet baby that’s sleeping upstairs. (every other minute of every other day is for that.)

This post isn’t to say that we don’t love getting dressed up, and spending a night out on the town anymore. In fact, we really do! It just simply gets more difficult when kiddos enter the equation, and we only have ONE! Please let me know if there are any other great At Home Date Night ideas that I missed, we are always on the lookout for a new creative idea!


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