First Trimester Bumpdate

March 19, 2019

I want to start off by saying thank you so much to you all for the love and support on our pregnancy announcement.  We are so excited for this new adventure to begin and the support and well wishes were deeply appreciated!  Now that the first trimester has wrapped up, I am so excited to be able to share the good news and our journey with you guys.  I’ve been in “instagram hiding” for the last few months, and being so quiet has been an adjustment!  

Well, the first trimester went as most first trimesters go… sprinkled with nausesa, fatigue, and a whole lot of bloat.  As with my last pregnancy, I predict the first trimester will be my least favorite part of the whole ordeal.  I will say, most of what you read on the internet will tell you each progressive pregnancy gets more difficult and strenuous.  I had the counter experience to this…  (at least so far, fingers crossed.)   This pregnancy has been blessed with a bit less nausea, but also much more fatigue. This could be due to the fact that the time I allowed myself to nap during the first pregnancy is now being spent forcibly awake, while chasing my toddler around town.  Weight gain has happened more quickly this pregnancy, as well as “showing.”  Weight gain by week 13 has been roughly 8 lbs, and I have been in maternity pants since week 8 this time!  Don’t judge.

The two main differences between this pregnancy and my last is food cravings/aversions, and the sheer exhaustion.  When I was pregnant with Jaxton I was full of energy, though nauseous most days, I was able to exercise and eat relatively healthy, while only picking up a craving for chicken.  This pregnancy, the menu most days consists of carbs and fruit, followed by all the chocolate… and please, don’t even make me smell chicken!

I am more in awe of the process this time, both noticing and embracing the changes with my whole heart. That being said, I am very excited to welcome the second trimester and the energy that comes along with it. I will try and get updates up as much as I can, and promise to stay honest and open throughout the process. Thanks for tagging along!

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