A few of my favorite things: Newborn edition

October 5, 2019

Hello again! Here we are, two weeks in with our little Olympia Rae. Let me start off by saying this pregnancy was A LOT. Pregnancy has never been something I thoroughly enjoy, aside from the end game of receiving your special blessing, the whole process can be a lot to handle. So, knowing this, what did I decide to do? Buy a yoga studio during my 7th month of pregnancy! I mean, why not? Well, this proved to be a lot more than expected, or rather, just as expected… And let’s just say by month 9 I was exhausted, and beyond ready to meet this little lady. All this being said, I hope this explains my absence on the blog front. However, I am now looking forward to bringing some more content to you, covering motherhood, fashion, and also some more yoga lifestyle! Not to mention, (shameless plug:) if you’re in the KC area, please, come swing by Sumits Hot Yoga for a free first class!

As we have entered into the fourth trimester, and are beginning to feel out our new “normal,” things have started to slow down, and the adjustment (thus far) has been great. The confidence that comes with your second child is real, and also, a great relief. I know I’m only two weeks in, but feeling much more calm, and relaxed with the whole newborn way of life. At this point with Jax, my husband and I only spoke in whispers, lived in the dark, and spent our entire days bouncing on a ball to keep the baby calm. I would say any type of improvement was a step in the right direction for us 🙂

Anyway, during these past couple of weeks I have been making a list of all of the items I have found both extremely useful, to a giant waste of money, I will update as we go! I have compiled a list of things that have been helpful during the newborn stage below:

  1. Dock-a-tot. I am sure you have seen this item flooding your instagram feeds at some point. There is a reason, this thing is a miracle worker. Pia has loved being swaddled and resting in this since day one. The only caveat has been when she is experiencing some reflux, I prop a small pillow underneath to give her upper body some elevation, and she’s right back to relaxation!
  2. Lou Lou & Company: When you hear this company name, you may think of bows, bows, bows. I initially came here in search of some darling new bows, but now am continually drawn back to their site for their blankets. Their knit blankets have been the very best for swaddling our little Pia. The fabric is perfect for a snug swaddle, and I’ve tried many different swaddles between my two babes!
  3. Haaka: This is a very inexpensive, amazing amazon find for me. I struggled with breast feeding with my first, and this time (knock on wood) things are going very well. Instead of a weak supply, this time I am experiencing an over supply. This product suctions on to one breast, while feeding on the other to catch any of the let down. I will them immediately transfer to a bottle or bag to feed later or store!
  4. Baby bottles: We have tried introducing two new bottles in the last couple of days, so Daddy can enjoy a feed and both the Comotomo, and Gerber Slow Flow bottles have been a hit!
  5. Kiinde: Milk Storage bags
  6. Moms on Call: This book has been a life saver. Short, to the point, and easy to read. This book covers all of the questions and concerns any new or experienced mom may face. I also have heard incredible things when it comes to their sleep training method. I will update you when we give that chapter a try in a couple of months!
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