Olympia Rae’s Two Month Update

November 11, 2019

I can’t even believe I am typing these words.  Never , in all of my life have two months flown by so quickly.  We have spent the last couple of months adapting to this new season of life, which has had it’s ups and it’s downs, but has also, by far, been the sweetest season yet. 

At two months old, Pia is weighing in at roughly 10lbs.  She is sleeping for four, sometimes five hour stretches at night, followed by a two to three hour stretch post feed.  We have recently tried to begin implementing a 2am feed with a pumped bottle to give Daddy some bonding time, (and who am I kidding- me a little sleep!,) and this has been a struggle.  She is a great eater with me, but is having a hard time coming around to the bottle.  We have tried every single bottle ever made, bottle warmers, gas drops for her reflux, a probiotic, and she just doesn’t seem open to the idea. Yet.  Feel free to send over any and all recommendations!  Naps have been good, no set schedule as of yet, but sleeping one to two hour stretches twice, sometimes three times a day either in her dock a tot with me or her bassinet, MUST be tightly swaddled.  Pia’s favorite thing is to be worn.  She would let me wear her all day if I could manage.  We are a huge fan of the Solly Baby Wrap!

The transition home with Pia has been light years apart from our transition home with Jax.  The transition home with Jax was full of unknowns.  With Pia, we have been much more prepared and also accepting of the unknowns. If you know me, you know that situations that are out of my control are my least favorite situations.  This doesn’t bode well for child rearing, HA!  However, this time around I have been much more at ease, and  accepting when it comes to sleep routines, eating quirks, and all other general baby-isms.  The real challenging part for me with this transition has been finding alone time for Jax.  I have gone into this postpartum stage wanting nothing more than to slow down and enjoy every second, but also not wanting to miss a second of Jaxton’s ever changing self either.  So for me, it just feels there may not be enough Mama to go around. We are just starting to get back into the swing of things when it comes to date nights, social outings with friends, and getting into the yoga studio, and, I don’t know about you, but that feels so good to me when I  start seeing little signs of my old self after nearly a year!

Overall, the last two months have been wonderful.  Still waiting on a little more sleep, and a little more balance, but I know that will come.  Until then, just trying to breathe, relax, and enjoy all the baby snuggles.  



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